Industrial HosesHealth and Safety has become one of the most important factors within our daily practices in industrial orientated environments. This is because staff members are working with powerful equipment, heavy machinery and concentrated chemicals that they are unlikely to come into contact with in their normal day to day lives. It is with this that the company have to adopt practices that make it a safer working environment with all equipment working correctly at all times. Although a piece of equipment can look in good condition from a glance, the reality is they may not be safe to use.

Industrial Hoses for example, will be exposed to breakages, splitting and abrasions over time even if your equipment is well looked after. Like any rubber, it will eventually start to break down over time which will compromise its use. Not only will these tiny abrasions lead to poor equipment function, they can lead to spillages and other health and safety hazards. This makes it incredibly important to check your flexible hoses longevity with some testing services such as Nitrogen Testing. This involves preparing the hose assembly for testing by making sure the assembly is completely sealed.

Nitrogen testing refers to the process of filling your vessel beyond capacity with nitrogen and determining whether or not any leaks occur. For the most accurate results, the hose is also submerged in a custom built bath containing water. Trained professionals on-site will then analyse your hose’s efficiency with specialist software. In order to do this the hose assembly is connected to the test rig by a flexible hose on one end, then the other end will have a valve attached to release the nitrogen slowly and safely once the test is complete.

If you notice bubbles breaking out on the surface of the water, this means that there is a leak. Nitrogen is the best gas for this application as it is present within all living tissues and amino acids, meaning that it has great versatility. Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, and an inert gas that is widely available all over the world. This makes it the perfect element for testing leaks as it is also relatively cost-effective.

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