Rubber Expansion Joints

pipesAny industrial worker will acknowledge that their activity can result in raised levels of noise, a hindrance to any workforce in terms of comfort. This is why rubber expansion joints provided by Buckley are a necessity for smooth running operations.

Typically in the field of piping, the need for noise dampening is essential as the inner workings of the pipe can become highly active and therefore, very loud. With the transferral of many different materials, the quality of your pipe in general will no doubt also come under scrutiny.

This is where a rubber expansion joint also provides for you as it can almost negate the ill effects of irregular movement within piping down to extreme pressures and can also provide protection against expansion due to heat.

As the temperature of metals rise, they are more likely to alter in shape and even expand. This is less than desirable for any business as the end result will either be a lack of quality or total loss of usage down to constant pressure leading the pipe to point of rupture. Rubber is famed for neutralising heat so it is vital for your pipe needs.

Buckley Industrial can offer a whole host of different joint solutions and with a team of specialists on hand to customise your product based on your requirements, you should look nowhere else for the perfect tool for your business and industrial hoses.

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