Nitrogen Hose TestingIf you’re in an industry that is constantly in use of industrial hoses, you’ll need to check that they are working correctly as with all your working tools in line with strict health and safety regulations.

Although they might appear strong and undamaged over time, it is entirely possible that breaks appear in them which will lead to spillages and potentially waste product. In fact, as hoses are capable of transferring other, more volatile materials, it’s important that you check their longevity with some testing services.

There are many different ways that you can ascertain the strength and performance of your industrial hose but one of the most common and also accurate is to do so with professional hose testing services. Here they can undertake some nitrogen testing on your products which will reveal any breaks in the hose.

Nitrogen testing is the process of filling a vessel beyond capacity with nitrogen and determining whether or not any leaks occur. For the most accurate results, the hose is also submerged in a custom built bath containing water.

The professional hose tester will then analyse your hose’s efficiency with specialist software. There is no better way of determining the capabilities of your hose in the hose but you may also determine it by eye. If you notice bubbles breaking out on the surface of the water, this means that there is a leak.

Nitrogen is the best gas for this application being a common gas, with great versatility.With a chemical element of N, nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, and primarily inert gas that is widely available throughout the planet. This makes it the perfect element for testing leaks as it is so abundant and relatively cost-effective.

There are plenty of other gases that can perform under hose testing circumstances but nitrogen is one of the most adept. Buckley Industrial are one of the most renowned for this service and they can be reached via email at or via phone at 01244 544 080.