Hygienic & Pharmaceutical Hoses & Couplings

PharmaceuticalThere is an eclectic range of hygienic products available to meet your specific industry needs, offering you the most extensive range for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications. These include hose couplings, fittings & clamps, gauges, valves and hose assemblies.

Buckley Industrial supply a range of Dixon Bradford fittings and hose assemblies, which compliment the Holedall Hygienic and Sanbrew/Sanfood hose range.

Air fitting options include RTJ BS 4825 Part 5 Couplings & Gaskets, DIN11851/11887 Couplings & Gaskets, IDF BS:4825 Part 4 Couplings & Gaskets, SMS Couplings & Gaskets, Clamp Type BS:4825 Part 3 Couplings & Gaskets, Engineer Ferrules, Bends, Tees & Reducers, Hygienic Pressure Gauges, Valves and Actuators.

Hygienic Temperature Gauges

Other products suitable in food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications are Hygienic Temperature Gauges. There is a wide range of quality and accurate gauges available, including analogue/dial and digital thermoeters. The digital range is availble in various mounting configurations, which are fitted with a hygienic probe and full range of hygienic connections.

Digital features: -50°C to 200°C. Accuracy 0.25% full scale. Permanent read out. Water proof. 4″ (100mm) diameter. Stainless Steel Casing.

Analogue features: Full range of temperature gauges; thermocouple, resistance, bimetallic and gas type gauges. All gauges can be fitted with differing stem types depending upon range and accuracy required.

Hygienic Ball, Butterfly & Check Valves

Ball Valves are used with ISO mount plate for food and chemical industrial applications. Weld, male and female threads and clamp ends are available for this product, with standards available to 3A, RJT, SMS, DIN, IDF.

You can also find a range of Hygienic Check Valves for the food and pharmaceutical industry, with Weld, Male and Tri-Clamp Ends available. These are also available with Silicon and Viton Seals. Standards are to 3A, RJT, SMS, DIN and IDF.

Pharmaceutical Hoses & Hose Assemblies

It is important when choosing hose products for the food and beverage, plus pharmaceutical and chemical industries that you choose the correct hose for the application. Sanbrew-Lite is an FDA approved hose suitable for all drink varieties, dairy products for applications where a completely odourless and taste-free rubber is required.