Fire Hose & Fire Couplings

There are a large number of hose couplings available for fire hose and fire couplings, ensuring you can find the correct hose product for your desired application. The range includes items such as Layflat fire hose and Marine hose, to Storz Instantaneous couplings and Suction hose couplings.

Branch Pipes & Nozzles

These are used at the delivery line of the hose with the purpose of assisting the water velocity. This is how you get a spray or jet result. These are vital tools for fire fighting, allowing the operator to choose the correct pressure and result.

Instantaneous Adapters

If you require converting one size to another, for which ever reason, the instantaneous adapters are the hose fitting you need. These enable you to convert the size to another which take place in the same connection system. This offers flexibility within your connection.

Instantaneous Couplings

These couplings are used as hose connectors, connecting them together and to other fittings involved in the application. The robust sealing mechanism makes instantaneous couplings suitable only for use in pressurised systems. They are further optimised for flow between the male and female half. These hose couplings are available in two materials to suit it’s environment; Light Alloy for freshwater and Gunmetal for seawater.

Layflat Fire & Marine Hose

The standard lightweight water delivery fire is supplied in bore sizes that start from 19mm and continue up to 152mm, but also range from 60 bar and 30 bar. These are essentials for fire fighting and the Layflat hoses are used for general purpose water transfer.


An essential tool that enables underground fire hydrants to connect to a pressurised water main supply. Standpipes are available in the typical base size which comes to 2.5″ in threaded female hydrants and the outlet also being 2.5″ as female instantaneous.

Suction Hose Couplings

In order to connect suction hoses, these couplings are required. They work very differently to the Instantaneous Couplings as these provide an effective seal for using in suction applications. The coupling halves are typically threaded with a special round thread, in order to comply with BS336. They are then screwed together to compress a sealing washer.