Hose management and product companies are putting industrial hoses to the test; under world-class development and testing methods that assure customers are receiving the highest quality product and performance. Industrial hoses are placed under the same conditions that a hose will be under on a daily basis, to ensure that the product is up to standards in performance, pressure, and application. A reliable hose management company will value every attribute of an industrial hose and will understand the value of delivery a quality product that has been tested thoroughly before distribution. Here we will look further into the attributes of an industrial hose.


When taking hose pressure into consideration it is vitally important to have read the specifications of the machine where the industrial hoses will be used. You must know the system working pressure and any surge or spike pressures. Hoses must be selected according to the maximum pressure specifications to ensure the working pressure of the hose is greater than the maximum working pressure of the system.


It is common for a hose management company to measure industrial hoses using Dash Numbers. The dash number or “dash size” is a measurement that determines the inner diameter of the hose in sixteenths of an inch. This measurement method is used often throughout the hose management and production industry. The inner diameter of a hose is significantly important as this will determine the flow of the hose. A flow that is too slow will result in performance failure, whereas a flow that is too high can cause an increase in pressure that the hose cannot handle or will damage the hose, causing detrimental cracks and leaks.


It is important to understand that industrial hoses have two controls that need to be identified; the first is the ambient temperature, which is the overall temperature is found outside the hose within the working environment. The second is the media temperature, which is the temperature of the media being transferred through the hose during use. Both high and low temperatures can have a significant effect on the flow of a hose and the hoses lifespan. However, media temperatures can have an even bigger impact on the lifespan of a hose. Each hose will be designed and produced to suit a variety of media and should be bespoke to the fluctuating temperatures of various media.