As we know, it is of paramount importance that you carry out hydrostatic testing and a hydraulic test on your industrial hoses and machinery on a regular basis, for the safety of everyone working in your facility. But do we know enough about industrial hoses already, before carrying out such precise testing? Industrial hoses are a flexible, durable component that is easily bent to suit a variety of equipment and machinery. They are commonly used for manufacturing purposes, and carry everything from water, gas, and nitrogen. It is very common for various industries to rely on hoses to keep their operation running efficiently.

With their requirement to move liquids, abrasives or gasses, the material used for their design must be robust and durable, such as PVC, polyurethane, polyethene, natural rubbers, or a stainless steel hose. Many hoses are strengthened using multiple layered materials and reinforced with small fibres that are intertwined to form various patterns.

An industrial hose has to be extremely tough, long lasting, and have the ability to maintain a long-lasting durability at high levels of performance because their dependence on running efficiently is crucial to any business that uses them on a daily basis for production. There are several applications that would use strong, durable industrial hoses for purposes such as material handling, steam ventilation, hot water, welding, petroleum, chemicals, and more.

Having a significant control over the temperature of industrial hoses is another important factor, especially for industries that manufacture or handle food processing and medical products. The medical industry relies heavily on the temperature controlled industrial hoses for sanitation and transportation of various liquids.

In a more industrial facility, the hoses must have the ability to withstand the harshness of transporting strong chemicals, fuels, and gases, which leaves very little room for error. A thicker, durable industrial hose will sacrifice its flexibility but will provide a much safer transportation module for harsher fluids and gasses.

With technology advancing by the day, there is no doubt that far superior, stronger, longer lasting industrial hoses will be released to complete almost any job. These will be a fantastic addition to most industries that rely on industrial hoses for a majority of their production.